Mr. Debabrata Gupta, Director / COO ,USV

I was pleased to see the systems of warehousing being followed. Keep it up! Very close to being a model CFA. I am admirer of your innovative practices.I have visited and learnt something new. Your team is great to work with. I have full appreciation from our customer regarding Kiran Group.
Keep It up!!!!! ________________________________

Devashish Choudhary, BE, Intervet

A model by itself. Professionally managed, all records are perfect. Great team work. ________________________________

Sanjeev Banerjee, ASM, USV

Professionally managed warehouse. Very clear concepts. ________________________________

Yogesh Tonde, Distribution Manager, Novartis India Ltd

A model depo. Conception among staff is very good. Well Managed CFA operation. Good Job done by the top management. ________________________________

M.Raghuram, GM Finance & Account

Very clear vision. I have visited quite a few CFA operations but this is one of the best managed. ________________________________

Vivek Biswas, ZBM, East, Novartis India Ltd

The sincerity of each member of Ranchi C&F is service oriented. Keep it up. Wish you all success and happiness. ________________________________

suvendu Roy- Tata Chemicals

Excellent practices in place for maintaining all products ________________________________

Manoj Singh, TSM

Lots of efforts has been put in to have an excellent layout and house keeping. Very innovative approach in warehousing. People are willing to work and adopt new changes. ________________________________

S.K Keshri, Sr. RSM, Lupin

Kiran Group with a humble beginning has come a long way in their journey of success in their respective field. They are quick to adopt modern technology combined with the ability to handle their manpower in accordance with the changing time. ________________________________

Rajesh Kumar

There are ISO system/standards in organization. You should trademark �Kiran Group Standards�. Good robust systems for all practices. ________________________________

Amit Ranjan, Manager QA, Novartis India Ltd

C&F is having good staff with open discussion. ________________________________

Ramesh Kr. Sukla, RSM, blue Cross

Name of the organization indicates the attitude of the of organization, excellent service, they know their job. ________________________________

Md. Ashraf ali, ASM, Parle>

We would like to thank you for providing your valuable services of Carry & Forward agent since last Ten years for Parle Products Pvt Ltd. Ltd at Ranchi. Yet we are fully aware that our accomplishments valuable services for our customer are not simply attributable to genius leadership or hard-working employee. We grew and prospered only because we found great services from you who gave us great support along the way. ________________________________

Nilanjan Mukherjee, AM, Sandoz Pvt Ltd

Well maintained with good visual controls.Keep it up with good practice. ________________________________

S.M Patnaik , Distribution manager, USV Ltd, Mumbai

The overall facility is impressive. Operationally there are significant value additions. I am sure your world hip us achieve higher goal in the coming year. ________________________________

Adersh Kumar, AM, FDC Ltd

Good Warehousing practices are followed and professionally managed depot. ________________________________

Nitin K Karpe, USV Limited, Mumbai

Overall facility is good all staff is dedicated with job and find awareness about GMP. ________________________________

A.R.Bhandari, Logistics & Commercial - East

Excellent work of batch tracebility.Keep it up.Neat and clean depot. Highly motivated team. ________________________________

Avijit Choudhary ,RSM Sales

Very well maintained depot. Batch traceability process is commendable. Keep it up! ________________________________

V.V Dhanawade, USV Limited, Mumbai

Excellent warehousing facility and excellent command in computer. ________________________________

Kiran Patwardhan, USV Limited, Mumbai

Very good facility. Ranchi C&F is working in a team work. Entire team is updated USV SOP and adherence to it. They have improved on communication. ________________________________

Arun singh, ASM,HSIL

Professioanlly managed depot operations. A great team to work with and the kind of cooperation extended to Cadbury is outstanding. ________________________________

Mithilesh Chandra, Lupin

Kiran Group provides fast and satisfactory services like transportation, billing and other facilities. ________________________________

Devanand Kumar, Macleods

We have got excellent services from Kiran Group since our association started with they work with professional attitude. ________________________________

S.G Rao, Head SCM, Novartis India Ltd, Mumbai

Good hold on the operation, highly forward thinker committed to Nivartis. ________________________________

Suvendu Roy, ABM, and Tata Salt, Tata Chemicals

Focused approach and proper alignment with the market situation is their key to success. ________________________________


We offer quality service with unmatched efficiency. You would be interacting with a team of well qualified and highly experienced professionals in the field of logistics. To us, efficiency means timely and quality service, the key to customer satisfaction. With our multilocation presence we have a strong hold over distribution & logistics.

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